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The age of the ants has begun. After a nuclear disaster has wiped out most of your brethren, take control of a small colony of survivors and build a flourishing ant state. Explore a dark world of mutated creatures, build machines and irrigation systems to feed your population, and jumpstart the roaring engine of an industrial revolution.


Your survival depends on your ability to balance the various needs of your colony:

  • Build an ecomony to satisfy your colony's need for food, fuel and scrap metal
  • Uncover the dark fog surrounding you, unveiling new resources and environments
  • Explore a steampunk world full of drainage pipes, scrapyards and mutated creatures
  • Construct Buildings to produce more advanced materials
  • Establish transport chains and upgrade buildings to create a sustainable and efficient economy
  • Fend off attacks from enemy hordes
  • Upgrade your workers, build mechanized units and construct turrets to defend yourself and defeat the Scrapling faction
  • Lead your young nation to victory by constructing the mechanical queen


3 playable maps

4 playable unit types

7 distinct buildings

6 unique resources

Enemy armies attacking in waves

Hand-crafted environment and creatures

2 comprehensive tutorials

3 original soundtracks

Embark on an adventure through a beautifully crafted environment, populated by mysterious plants, mutated animals, and towering scrapyards, and coated in a treacherous radioactive fog that you must uncover. Overcome the perils of darkness and lead your new nation to a prosperous future!

Updated 2 days ago
Published 8 days ago
StatusIn development
GenreStrategy, Survival
Tagsartgame, Atmospheric, Dark, Exploration, Singleplayer, Steampunk, Top-Down, Unreal Engine

Install instructions

Unzip file, then launch application.


Industrious1.4.zip 158 MB


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had fun playing ;)


Thank you :)